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International Glaucoma

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Traveling to Singapore, Netherlands, Or Prague.  Next year in Beijing?  For me, not this year:

Nice and simple to take the MBTA Green D Train 4 stops to the Hynes in Boston to rendez-vous with every major glaucoma contributor in the contemporary literature…

A thumbnail of news from the meeting – a fair amount devoted to world issues of health access in Africa and Asia.  Increased recognition of populations with higher risk for the disease?  Caribbean and west African blacks, Japanese with normal tension glaucomas, and aboriginal communities with angle closure disease.

What about medical breakthroughs?  This year’s research award to a North Texas cell biologist who characterized the WH-1 gene in mouse, showing “up regulation” and “down regulation” of intraocular pressure by chemical messaging of proteins to (mouse) trabecular meshwork.  This is important because chemical messengers may be critical for a permanent cure, or for definitive diagnoses.

What is trabecular meshwork?  This important tissue regulates eye pressure by controlling egress of the nutrient aqueous fluid that circulates through and inflates the eye.  Too little exiting?  High pressure.  Is there a over -secretion glaucoma, patients ask?  These are rare and sporadic.  The principal cause of the disease is failure of fluid leaving the eye.  All glaucoma treatments are directed at resolving this defect.

                                                                                 Dr. Kevin Kaufman

Contact Lens Fittings at BEPS

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Hello all.  Today I am going to talk about Contact Lenses.   BEPS fits both soft contact and hard contact lenses.  There has even been a new trend of adults getting fitted for contacts.  I am finding that most of these people had tried contact lenses over 20 years ago.  They experienced difficult fits and contacts that were hard to wear for any length of time. Most are not aware of the comfort, value and the many types of lenses available to our patients.  Wether you need dailies, monthlies, atigmatism or bifocal lenses, we have all the best brands  to fit you with.  But don’t forget, Contact Lens fittings are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance.   Please call our office today to schedule a fitting.

welcome patients, old and new

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Hi there,  I am Rob Stone, Clinical manager and Ophthalmic tech for Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons(BEPS). I am proud to work for doctors like, Dr. Richard Floyd, Dr Anthony Fraioli, Dr. Ernest Kornmehl and Dr. Kevin Kaufman.  They are the core of this wonderful practice that is also complimented by Dr’s Robert Gorn, Caroline Baumel, James Lee, J. Wallace McMeel and Peter Rubin.  All of them dedicated to their patients and the practice of Ophthamology.  In the coming months I will be telling you more about our practice, our services(cataract, glaucoma, crystalens, ophthalmic plastic surgery, including Botox, Restalyn and other fillers) and our staff.  I look forward to serving you.  Thanks, and talk to you soon.