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Pediatric Eye Exam in Boston, MA

Having your child’s eyes examined when they are young, and continuing to do so throughout childhood, is critical to their overall well-being. Infants learn about the world around them through their sense of sight, and children need good vision in order to learn in school. This means that if your child develops an eye problem at a young age, they may face problems with development and learning.

At Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons, our team recommends children have their first eye exam within their first year of life. This initial exam allows us to evaluate your baby’s development and ensure he or she is developing on track. We will look for signs that suggest any problems that could impair eye health or vision, and treat them swiftly before they worsen.

Children’s eyes can change over time. After the initial eye exam, our team recommends subsequent exams when your child is three years old and then again before he or she starts school. Once your child is in school, you should schedule eye exams every two years.

What Tests Are Performed During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

The specifics of a pediatric eye exam depend on your child’s age.

In general, an eye exam involves taking down your child’s medical history, testing his or her vision, testing eye alignment, looking at overall eye health and if need be, prescribing corrective eyewear. If you have noticed your child displaying any troubling symptoms, such as excessively blinking, frequently rubbing his or her eyes or tilting his or her head, bring it up to the doctor during the appointment.

During an eye exam for an infant, our team will perform a few tests to evaluate whether the baby’s eyes are developing normally. We will look at how the baby focuses and whether both of his or her eyes work together. We will also look inside the baby’s eyes to check for any early signs of a problem. Many conditions are much easier to treat when they are detected in the early stages.

How to Prepare Your Child for an Exam

It’s best to schedule your child’s eye exam during a time when he or she is usually awake and in good spirits.

For young children, we recommend that you tell them ahead of time what will happen. You can prepare your child by showing him or her photographs of our doctors or our office and reassuring your child that the appointment will not be painful or frightening.

At the exam, avoid leaving your child’s side if possible. Your presence makes the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. It also helps children cooperate with our doctors and staff.

Finally, if you have any questions about pediatric eye exams or what you can do to prepare, feel free to reach out to our team. We are happy to give you a clearer idea of what to expect and anything you can do to make the experience positive for you and your child.

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