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Eye Exams in Boston, MA

Routine thorough eye exams are a valuable aspect of maintaining good eye health. The ophthalmologists at Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons utilize some of the most advanced technologies and techniques to test for potential vision problems, as well as enhance patients’ vision. Performing comprehensive eye exams, the doctors and trained technicians evaluate all aspects of a patient’s vision, including refractive error, amblyopia, strabismus and other eye diseases. Depending on a patient’s condition, eye doctors can prescribe eye glasses or contact lenses, surgery or other medical treatments to enhance a patient’s vision.

Benefits of Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye examinations at Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons help patients improve or maintain good health and vision. They offer high quality, personalized care with a friendly, comforting staff to treat all of our patients’ needs.

If you have not had your eyes examined for more than two years and/or have noticed changes in your eyesight, please contact our office today to schedule your appointment for an eye exam.

Doctors who specialize in Eye Exams

Eye Exams at Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons