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Eyebrows and Eyelashes for Protection

July 1, 2018


Eyebrows and eyelashes have made their mark on the fashion industry. Right now, we characterize our faces with thick lashes and dark brows. But have you thought about your brows and lashes any further? Beyond fashion, we have evolved with lashes and brows for protection of the eyes. Read on to learn more about protection, and how you can talk to your optometrist about your eye health.

Eyebrows are on our faces to keep the sweat and moisture from our face. When we sweat or when it rains, eyebrows direct the water away from our eyes to the sides of our faces. This is why our brows are shaped like an arch. When we pluck our brows, we alter them and they can’t do their job as well.

eyebrow close up

Like eyebrows are protecting our eyes from moisture, lashes are protective as well. Though eyelash hairs are finer, they still protect our eyes from dust, dirt, and debris. Eyelashes act as little protective shields or like a fence surrounding our eyelids when we blink.

Eyebrow hairs take months to grow in, while eyelash hairs replace themselves quickly. It’s easy to understand their purposes of protection, but what about females and makeup? Some people question whether makeup is safe to wear. There are brands that are more sustainable, healthy, and made from better quality products than some other brands. It makes sense to choose the best quality products for something you’re putting so close to your eyes.

eyelash close up

Though we don’t recognize eyebrows and eyelashes as helpful or protective features, they most certainly are. Next time you’re wearing makeup or choosing glasses, consider your eyebrows and lashes. Do your glasses fall nicely beneath your eyebrows? Do your lashes graze the edge of your lenses? These are all necessary considerations when choosing glasses for comfort and protection.

If you have concerns about your eyelashes or eyebrows, ask your optometrist at Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons today. We can answer all your questions about eye health, protection, and glasses functionality. Contact us at (617) 232- 9600.