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Basic Eye Health & Reminders

January 1, 2019

When we have busy schedules, routines, and responsibilities, sometimes it can be difficult to make time for ourselves. Putting your health first is important, and safety and prevention are huge parts of caring for yourself. Our eyes are some of the body’s most vulnerable organs, as they allow us to see and navigate through life. So many aspects of our daily lives affect our vision, so protecting, caring, and keeping your eyes safe is critical to a healthy lifestyle. We’ve highlighted the basic eye care tips and routines to remind you of the importance of eye safety.


glasses with city background


Specific Actions:

Wear Glasses for Protection
Glasses can help keep your eyes shielded from dust and wind. In the wintertime, glasses can be super helpful with the cold and strong winds. If you consider yourself a ‘contact person’, keep a pair of traditional frames in your bag, just in case. Sunglasses can also be helpful as the sunshine reflecting off the snow in winter can be harmful to the eyes.


Get New Contacts on Schedule
Don’t wait to get your new pairs of contacts! If you’re due, place an order to have them shipped in time. Wearing contacts for longer than prescribed can be extremely damaging to the eyes. Though it can be easier to just stretch a pair of contacts, it’s never a good idea and you’re taking a risk to your eye health by doing so.


sleeping in contacts


Never Sleep in your Contacts
Sleeping in your contacts is one of the worst things for our eyes. Contacts are meant to be taken in and out daily. You can also risk scratching the cornea when you sleep in your contacts. Don’t slack on this! It’s one of the most important eye safety tips.


Wash Hands Often
Clean hands are always helpful for decreasing the spread of germs. If you need to touch your face or near your eyes, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before.


sunglasses for protection


General Actions:

Learn Your Family Eye History
Your family’s eye history can tell you a lot about your own eye health. If you have a history of issues in the past, you can discuss with your optometrist and they can help you with prevention and care accordingly.


Eat Well
A healthy diet impacts our eye health more than most people realize! Clean and healthy eating is always helpful for all aspects of a well-rounded lifestyle. Red peppers, beans, legumes, sunflower seeds, nuts, kale, salmon, lean meats and poultry are all great foods to support eye health.


eat well


These basic eye safety tips are important to keep in mind. We hope this blog reminds you how truly important it is to take care of your eyes! There are steps you can take to improve your eye health, some specific, everyday actions, and some general. Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons can help you keep your eyes safe and healthy.


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