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Blue Ray Protection Glasses

April 17, 2018

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Do you use technology often? This means watching TV, using the computer, iPad, or staring at a screen. If you do, and you experience strains, headaches, or any of these symptoms, here’s why you should consider Anti Blue Ray glasses.

Blue light is the visible light that comes from computers and technology. The naked eye cannot process this light well, and blue rays can shine deep into the retina of the eye and slowly start to cause damage. The glasses make things easier for you to see on your computer screen, like colors and designs that are hard to process. By making things clearer for you, you’re straining less and ultimately have a better computer experience. You’ll notice you feel better and are less tired. A lot of the time people don’t realize they’re straining or even affected by these blue rays.

If you’re experiencing headaches, eye strains, or any discomfort when using your technology, you may want to look into these glasses. They are inexpensive and can but don’t have to be prescribed. These can be worn by people who use the computer all day, or just a few hours a day. Some stronger symptoms of straining your eyes can be eye redness, irritation or blurriness.

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Anti blue ray glasses block the glare and reflect your eyes from the blue rays that come off your technology. Whether you use the computer all day at work, or want to be on the laptop for side projects in the evening, you will really see a difference wearing these glasses if you normally experience discomfort.

Blue rays can also be damaging to our sleep cycles. Sometimes people really struggle to fall asleep after excessive screen time. The exposure to blue rays reduces the body’s production of melatonin, a natural hormone that helps us fall asleep. Are you tired after screen time? Do you feel more sleepy after being on the computer playing games or getting work done? If so you may want to look into these frames and start wearing them while you’re on your computer.

Wearing these glasses can drastically improve your technological experiences. Boston Eye Physicians & Surgeons has served patients in New England and around the world for nearly 75 years. We have been a destination for patients seeking high quality eye care from a team composed of the area’s leading vision professionals. We can help answer questions about your visual experiences. Contact us at (617) 232-9600 today.