Contact Lens Tips During Changing Seasons

When warm, fall weather diminishes, the seasons change and air gets colder. Our bodies and immune systems have to keep up with these seasonal changes. If you use contacts, you probably notice the cold weather makes it harder to keep up with your routine of cleaning, and taking contacts in and out. Read on through this blog for contact lens tips during the changing seasons.

We all know it’s very important to take your contacts out before bed. When the air is cooler, and you’re already comfy and curled up, it can seem annoying or a nuisance to get up, remove and clean your contacts. But your eye health is very much worth it!

As contact users, we know you’re careful about keeping your lenses clean and disinfected. But did you know that the colder weather can cause more irritation? Winds and cold temperatures against contacts may wear out your contacts quicker. The dry air and change of temperature indoors/outdoors play a huge role as well. Because of this, many people suffer from dry eye in the winter.

You can take measures when it comes to protecting your eyes from irritation. If you find yourself particularly uncomfortable wearing your contacts, keep a humidifier in your house to regulate the air. Try artificial tears or eye drops for an on-the-go, quick fix.

Changing the individual pair of contacts is often recommended every so often. If your contacts are giving you a ton of issues, try and go back to your glasses for a few days. If you’re still experiencing discomfort, consult your eye doctor immediately.

If you wear contacts, the approaching winter weather is something you want to think about. Heat and sunshine aren’t the only elements in which you should be cautious- the cold weather can be just as damaging as the sun.

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