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Finding the Perfect Frames for You

May 5, 2018

glasses on shelf
Choosing new frames can feel like a struggle. You want to get the most stylish pair, but you also want them to be timeless as you’ll wear them often and don’t want to get sick of them. They must be durable, they must meet your needs, and they must fit into your budget.

We’ve created a guide to finding your perfect frames, including the top three things to think about when glasses shopping. When your prescription expires, or your frames are damaged, you’ll be ready to follow this guide to choosing the best frames for you.

Think about your needs
Do you wear bifocals? Do you need glasses for distance? Some particular lenses don’t come in certain frames. When choosing your glasses, be sure your prescription can be made into the frames your looking at and choosing from. Nothing is worse than spending hours picking out your frames, finally deciding just to be told those frames won’t work for you.

Face Shape and Frame Shape
When choosing a frame shape, be sure to consider the size and shape of your face. Get a good look in the mirror when trying them on to be sure you’re satisfied. Make sure the corners of the frames don’t come too far off your face. Be sure the ends of the glasses can be tightened and bent to the shape of the back of your ear to stay on well. Frame shapes range from oval to circle to rectangle. If you need help choosing, find a specialist at the store to tell you if the frames your interested in will work for you.

Hair and Eye Color
People are often concerned with hair and eye color coordinating with their frames. If you have dark hair, sticking with a solid color of black or brown can be a safe option. If you have blonde hair, a classic lighter brown would matches really well. Everyone is different, and glasses are all about preference at the end of the day. The tortoise shell designed glasses are trendy and still in style.

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