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Glasses Trends & Switching Up Your Frames

February 1, 2019

Now that it’s 2019, we can reflect on all of the glasses and frame trends of 2018. We can talk about which trends we really liked, and which ones we’re excited to leave in the past. Most importantly, we can discuss what we expect to see people wearing in 2019 for frames and style expression. Read this blog to learn about glasses trends, seasonal frames, and all things that may help you choose your next set of frames.

colorful designed frames


Gone are the traditional black frames with clear lenses. We’re now seeing so many funky shades of frames and shapes of lenses. The tortoiseshell print used to be just about the funkiest we’ve seen, along with stripes and polka dots. In 2018, we took a turn with our trends to incorporate all types of colors and designs, even translucent frames were in. Even the shapes of the lenses are changing from the classic square or oval. Now we’re seeing the perfect circle lens resurfacing, along with shaped lenses like octagons and triangles.



The holidays are always a reason for people to spring for some fun, untraditional frames. Use the holidays to get used to wearing new, fun and funky frames that you’ve always wanted to wear. When you have a few frames to choose from, you may find yourself liking the fact that you can change the glasses you wear and coordinate your frames upon the season and holiday. Christmas, Valentines Day, and St. Patrick’s Day allow you to wear bright red or green frames. New Year’s Eve calls for sparkly and fun frames.


wooden frames

Seasons, Outfits, and Accessories

Match your frames of the day with your outfit and the season. If you’re going somewhere special, put on your special frames. Having a great variety of all different colors and designed frames can make wearing glasses much more of a fun accessory than a necessity. Having multiple pairs is awesome for fashion purposes and helpful for safety purposes. You always have the ability to change your frames.


Switching up your frames and matching your glasses with your favorite trends can be a great way to have some fun. If you don’t wear contacts, and they’re simply not for you, we understand that your glasses are important to you. You must keep them safe and in good condition. This is easy when you’re rotating pairs, and constantly keeping your frames fresh and ready.


black and tan frames


These trends and changing of frames have been a hit in 2018, and we can only expect to see more funky frames and designs for 2019. What are your current frames like? Do you have multiple pairs? Consider having two or three for leisure and for emergencies.


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