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Halloween: Eye Makeup, Face Masks, and Safety

October 1, 2018


day of the dead halloween makeup

Happy October! We all know what this means… Halloween is right around the corner. Some of us plan our costumes all year long for this day. No matter what age, everyone enjoys Halloween. This season, take the time to read through our eye safety precautions that come with dressing up, wearing make-up, and intricate masks.

Halloween masks are spooky, fun, interesting, and very appropriate for the evening. They can also be somewhat dangerous at night, in the dark. Be sure that you test your vision through your mask days prior to Halloween night. You may need to widen the eye holes as some masks don’t allow you to see very well. If you plan on walking around, going through a haunted house or a corn maze, be sure to keep a flashlight on you at all times.

young boy wearing halloween batman mask

If you’re wearing character glasses, big hats, carrying swords or other accessories, be mindful of your surroundings. Try to ensure your accessories are soft, plastic, or not sharp/dangerous. Halloween is a busy night for everyone, so you may be surrounded by many other trick-or-treaters at times.

Makeup and Ingredients 
When choosing makeup for your costume, always go with hypoallergenic makeup. Do not just apply the makeup to your face, instead, test it on a small area of your skin to see how you will react. Applying Halloween makeup to the face can be risky, especially near your eyes. Use a cotton swab or a brush for small accents, and leave a good amount of free space between the makeup and your eyes. You don’t want to get too close, and get the makeup in your eyes causing irritation.

Halloween makeup on female green backdrop

If you’re looking for intricate makeup ideas, look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. Halloween makeup trends include full face looks, cat eyes, intense smokey eyes, rhinestones, stick-ons, and tons of details in design. Start planning your costume now with caution in mind!

Kids and people of all ages should be aware of these safety precautions. You can still dress as your favorite character, while ensuring your safety with proper planning. We hope these tips help you when thinking about your costume and your Halloween plans this season! Have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at Boston Eye Physicians and Surgeons!