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Summertime Eye Protection

August 1, 2018

summer friends and glasses

Eye protection is important year round, but especially during the summer season. With high heat and intense ultraviolet rays from the sun, there are safety precautions you can take to protect your eyes. Read on to learn more about what you can do to take action this summer.

Goggles for Swimming
When you go swimming, use goggles to protect your eyes and face. The chemicals from chlorine and salt water pools can dry your eyes and cause irritation, especially on your first swim of the year. The contaminants in the oceans can hurt your eyes as well, so be sure to invest in some goggles before all of your summer swimming excursions.

girl in goggles for swimming

Sunglasses offer complete ultraviolet protection for your eyes. Too much exposure to sunlight can damage your eyes significantly. Be sure to check your bags and make sure you bring your sunglasses with you on super sunny days. Invest in a glasses string that goes around your neck so they can hang on your chest conveniently. They even make sunglass lanyards in cool styles!

sunglasses on ledge

Washing Hands Constantly
When your eyes get irritated, it’s usually because you’re touching or rubbing them, even without noticing. Touching our eyes when they’re irritated is an involuntary reaction, but we never consider the cleanliness of our hands before we touch our eyes. Be sure to wash your hands consistently, and scrub with hot soapy water.


Wear Hats with Brims
Hats with brims or sun hats can help keep the sun off you and away from your eyes. Suntans and sunburns on the face can greatly affect your eye health. Hats with brims and big hats help very well to keep the sun off your face.


Drink Plenty of Water
Water and food consumption plays a huge role in eye health. Drinking water is important to keep your body and eyes hydrated. What you eat and drink really affects the quality of your vision. Getting enough Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc is also very important. Summer can really dehydrate us, so be sure you’re drinking enough water.

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