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Surgery Team at BIDMC

July 12, 2012

Years ago, Beth Israel was the first area hospital to start computer based medical record keeping and continues in that fine tradition. Today, also since early this year, customized preop medication orders from outside clinicians like me are generated without paper, reducing risk of errors.

How likely are errors? With so many fields of medicine, such as ours, ophthalmology, each with unique medicine formulations, the error rate elsewhere can be high.

How nice it is having the comfort at BIDMC, that eye drops are selected in a failsafe pharmacy environment.

The glaucoma and cataract surgeries I performed today seemed to fly by as the skilled team of circulating and scrub nurse specialists – Flor, Alma, Richie – and others, flawlessly made each patient’s surgery a serious and focused undertaking of personal importance.

As soon as the patch is removed In the morning, these patients will have good vision – no longer suffering lost eyesight from those diseases. Happily surgery is painless for nearly everybody. And the eyesight reward is without measure.