The ICL Advantage: Discover the Game-Changing Benefits of This Convenient Eye Procedure

ICL in Brookline

Relying on glasses and contact lenses to see clearly does not work for everyone or every situation, especially high prescription thick glasses. Some individuals would prefer the convenience of great vision without the hassle that accompanies eyewear, such as replacements and keeping up with contact lens accessories. EVO ICL is an Implantable Collamer™ Lens, also known as Implantable Contact Lens, that is an excellent option for correcting this common vision problem. The experts at Boston Eye & Physicians want patients to discover the range of benefits that await after ICL.

Convenient Procedure

ICL patients are often delighted to learn that this vision-correcting procedure can easily fit into their busy lives. In a matter of 20 to 30 minutes, the ICL procedure can be safely completed for both eyes in one sitting. After the eyes are numbed to ensure your comfort, the ICL is carefully placed between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. Recovery from the ICL procedure is quick, and most notice a dramatic improvement in their vision as they sit up from the procedure bed. In addition, patients can resume their normal activities the day after the procedure.

No Corneal Tissue Removed

The ICL procedure does not require the removal of any corneal tissue. This is especially beneficial to patients who may have thinner corneas or with corneal disease.

Lasting Results

Patients can expect long-lasting results after their ICL procedure. If you experience natural, age-related changes within the eye, such as cataracts or presbyopia, your ICL can be exchanged or removed so that your clear vision remains.

Pack Lighter During Vacation

Prescription eyewear can take up precious real estate in your luggage when you account for extra space needed to ensure your eyeglasses do not get damaged by other items. As well, packing contact lens solution, cases, and eyedrops can become burdensome. ICL gives individuals the freedom to enjoy traveling with clear vision at any time.

Stay Safe During Sports

Athletes understand that sharp vision and safety are key parts of optimal sports performance. However, athletic individuals who wear eyeglasses run the risk of having their glasses slide off of their faces or fog up during critical moments when clear vision is most important. Likewise, contact lenses can become blurry when coming into contact with sweat, leaving your eyes uncomfortable. Without the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses, you can swim, hike, sweat, and fully participate in your sports activities with great vision.

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