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How to Keep Your Frames Fresh

September 1, 2018

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When we order new frames, it’s an exciting time! We choose a new color, and a fresh new look. If prescriptions are out-of-date, we usually get a new, stronger, more accurate prescription when we get new frames. New frames feel refreshing and exciting. But after a while of wear, it’s tough to keep our frames from getting scratched up and bent out of shape. The next time you get new frames, create some good habits so you can ultimately keep your frames fresh for longer. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Keep in a Case
Keeping your glasses safe and in a case when you’re not wearing them protects them at all times. Sometimes when our glasses get broken or bent, it’s not our fault, and it may be an outside force. Something or someone might fall on them or crush them. If they’re always in a case, this eliminates the possibility.

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Hang from Neck
There are plenty of styles of lanyards and hangers to choose from. Hanging your frames from your neck and leaving them against your chest allows for you to take them on and off easily, and they are always in safe spot (like your case). Frames can be expensive, and keeping them close to your body is a great way to make sure they’re always secured.

Keep Clean
Be sure to constantly use glasses wipes, a small microfiber cloth, or something to keep your frames clean. Frames get dirty very easily, sometimes even when we don’t notice. Wiping down not only the frames, but the temples and temple tips as well.

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Tightening Often
When frames are worn often, they loosen up at the screws. This allows for them to more easily get bent out of shape. If you wear your frames often, invest in a small glasses/frame kit that comes with the tools to tighten them as needed. Some eye doctors allow you to even bring your frames back to the office to be tightened and reshaped for you. This only takes a few minutes, and can help increase your frame lifecycle.

Keeping your frames clean, safe, and contoured to your face really affects the frames’ lifecycle. When you get new frames, extend that fresh new feel as long as you can. If you take proper care, your glasses will feel new for a lot longer, and you won’t have to replace your frames as much. We hope these tips help you keep your new frames looking fresh as ever, even months after your purchase.

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